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About us

We are a company of technical and commercial profile. Our specialization are products such as: stainless steel, stainless armature, non-ferrous metals, and also, cold-drawn bars, cold-drawn flat bars platform gratings, perforated metal sheets, landing gratings, ropes, screws, steel tanks and steel water tanks.

Rich base of business partners leads to the fast delivery of the appropriate materials in a competitive time. Also, we collaborate with companies from Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Great Britain and China. Moreover, our company imports commodities, within 10-14 days, due to the individual needs of our customers. All products are provided by our own transport, across the country. Therefore, the industrial fittings, aluminum and also steel products, from our company, are of the best quality.

What is important, our company fully tries to adapt to the buyers requirements. In this case, our website was prepared in a clear and helpful way to deeply specify our customers’ needs. Furthermore, placed grade’s tables and weight conversion calculator allow you to find all necessary information in a short time. If you have any further questions or needs, please use the forms available on our website. We will immediately draft an attractive offer for you.

ERGO INVEST wishes you a successful cooperation.



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