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Gallery of achievements

The chamber of melting

The autoclave for under pressure impregnation of wood

The stainless steel motor housing

The recreation and sport center in Zielona Gora, Sulechowska street:

  • steel structure of the outside staircases
  • carrying construction of the roof of tabular slide pools
  • steel construction of the area for commentators in the sport hall
  • steel construction under the warm airflow

Screw feeder, so called Archimedes screws

Steel reservoir for storing drinking water (capacity - 34000 l)

Pressure tank of second rank pomps, designated for a water treatment stations

Stainless steel tank for storing glycol in the refrigerating systems

Temperature equalization chamber for the aluminum soldering line of CAB type

Belt conveyors system with a length of 24 meters, including supporting structures, casings, service devise for milking

Convection dryer for an aluminum soldering line of Active Only type

Complex system of scraper conveyors, controlled automatically, with a length of 120 meters, made from a carbon steel

Platforms for the air conditioners of refrigerating system

Uploading platform of the covering in stations , a construction of the inrun grate which is made from a carbon steel

The funeral industry

Cooling chamber for storing corpses, placed on trays, with 8 slots

Rack of cooling chambers with 4 slots

Obituary cleaning table

Trolley/obituary cleaning table

Cooling chamber for storing corpses in coffins – 3 slots

Cooling chambers for storing corpses in coffins – 6 slots

Loading and unloading trolley

Trolley for coffins transportation



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