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You are welcome to see our offer of (belt, scraper, …) conveyors which are used in the factories, industry, food industry etc. What is more, ERGO INVEST offers a comprehensive system solutions for the mass transportation, including mechanical and pneumatic systems.

We produce:

Scraper conveyors – transport devices of a moving type. In the scraper conveyors we can find transverse elements, called carry combs, which are fixed to the chain (chains). Those elements move constantly the output to the specific place.

Chain conveyors is a group of conveyors that uses many types of chains as the main carrier.

Scraper conveyors (redlers) are similar in construction to the through chain conveyors. Moreover, a conveying troughs are open upward. In this case, a conveyor like this can be used only in a horizontal position or with a slight slope. Scrapers move then the material on the bottom of the casing till the point of a discharge.

Additionally, we also produce belt conveyors.



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